Friday, July 20, 2018

Two Reservoir Day - Fun In The Summertime

Song:  Hot Fun In The Summertime

Group:  Sly & The Family Stone

This evening after our supper (Shrimp Somen)...
I took my mother and younger sister (and the two dogs)...
into the nearby mountains to just spend a couple of hours doing some light walking 
and experiencing some more simple pleasures so readily available to all who live in Reno.

The dogs love going on our short outings in the mountains.

We stopped at a place about halfway between Stampede and Boca Reservoirs.

My mother really loves her walking stick.

She walks with such ease with it.

I love this spot.

My mother really liked the views from here.

We then stopped along the side of Boca Reservoir for a few minutes.

My mother seems to be saying, "I claim this land in the name of..."  :)

We then drove to Prosser Reservoir for a while.

We got out and walked around for a bit.

This walking stick really allows my mother to walk in all areas
as she no longer fears falling.

She is fully stabilized by her walking stick.

It is made from a thick hardwood.

It was made to support the weight of a fully grown man of 230 lbs.

If you get an elderly person a walking stick...
stay away from the collapsable or flimsy ones.

A thick hardwood gives the non compromising solidity to inspire full confidence in it.

My mother had spotted my younger sister by the water.

My mother loves to point out boats on the water.

"With this magic wand...I make the sun vanish."  :)

My mother prepares for the short drive home.

I will be back to this spot in the near future to play some music on my Bass Flute 
for my mother to enjoy as the sun sets.

I will take some folding chairs and give a private open air concert  :)

I am actually now working on some music to play.

My mother loves our short mountain drives.

It is good to get her out into the open country every so often.

I had cooked a full container of rice just before we left.

When we got back...
it was just the right temperature to make Onigiri (rice balls).

I often will snack on these at about 2 AM (I stay awake all night).


I will be taking my mother and younger sister to more nearby places for short mountain drives.

It really brightens the mood of my mother.

She loves the fresh mountain air...
and all of the near and far mountain scenery.

In Winter...
many of these places are transformed into a genuine winter wonderland.

Every season has things to offer...
and there are so many places to take them.

I am especially looking forwards to Autumn.

My younger sister has yet to see the fall colors here.